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Who we are

Diligent Action-Group for Neglected, Infirm and Economically Low for all round Salvation and shall be known as DANIELS here in after for all the purposes. Currently we are working on Orissa state for administrative convenience till its area is extended by the Governing Body.

DANIELS has the following set objectives to achieve:-

1 To upheld the principle & philosophy of “Love thy neighbors as thyself” through such action of love & apathy.
2 To build up solidarity and harmony with the marginalized & neglected cross section of people of the society at large i.e. - the details, Tribal, Despised/Deprived and rural women and children in their struggle for an aspired life.
3 To organize proper actions for and with the people on health & sanitation, literacy, non- formal education, sports, science and culture etc. to build up a better society.
4 The create opportunities for rural Women, Youth and rural entrepreneurs for social and economic growth through such vocational trainings and actions without any consideration of caste, creed, color & nationality.
5 To create awareness among rural/urban mass about the present ill condition of environmental-degradation and also to organize such promotion activities as a priority program.
6 To organize charity relief activities during natural calamities like flood, draught, fire accident, earthquake and above all during the time of commercial riots etc.
7 To organize rehabilitative activities for the despised/orphan children as well as for the destitute women & old men to lead them to a dignified life in the society.
8 To initiate and sustain networking among the voluntary-organizations to fight out local burning issues and also macro-level issues for social transformation.
9 To collaborate and coordinate with Govt. organizations for bringing out a common- need- based development of the people of the area of operation in all walks of life.
10 To undertake and participate in Program participating to Health, Education, Environment etc. in remote areas.
11 To provide proper sanitation facilities for communities.
12 To develop quality of living standard of the people.
13 To make the rural poor women empower and self-reliant.
14 To help the communities to get access to safe drinking water.
15 To aware the people about their needs and problems and various developmental Program of the Government.
16 To house Orphan, poor kids up to 20 years & shelter for destitute women and men. Revised one.
17 To organize formal and non-formal education program for various groups of people.
18 To indicate in the people a sense of social awareness through various workshop, seminars, leadership camp, conference, training teaching of Yoga and meditation
19 To establishing day care center, balwadi, running medical aid centers, medical Education/Institution /Training and medical related training, mobile medical center for the SC/ST and economically poor class people, organize immunization program.
20 Women empowering program to save from the exploitation and taken undue advantage of being powerless.
21 To inject discipline, self-help and providing basic facilities to children women of the various Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribes/labor class/economically lower section of the society.
22 To work among the destitute/prostitute/widow/deprived old age group/to lead a true sense of morality and systematic and harmonious real way of living in the society.
23 To provide latest art of technology /Scientific idea and vision in the field of education, agriculture to the Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribes/labor class/economically lower section of the society.
24 To impart vocational training for strengthening the idea of self-employment and co existence in the young men and women particularly Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribes/labor class/economically lower section of the society.
25 To encourage self-sufficiency through self help groups and other area of operation to stand on their own feet.
26 To conduct awareness program for untouchability, dowry, sacrifice of animals and other blind tradition and superstition.
27 To make adequate step for removal of child labor, bonded labor, labor migration, labor exploitation, from the society.
28 To promote agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, fishery, diary, kitchen garden, poultry, pig farm etc.
29 To run Schools for urban/rural peoples with hostel, of local and national and international language as the medium of instruction, Crèches, Mini industrial training Centers, pre examinations training centers, Technical Training School, Colleges and its related Institution which will help in addition to the privileges specially to Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribes/labor class/economically lower section of the society.
30 To organize various centers such as community centers, dispensaries, employment bureau, old age house, short stay home, destitute house, holyday home, work guide syndicates for professionals, agricultural demonstration centers, cooperative and other research institution for the welfare of the people to help to change the social out look towards a broad based modern society.
31 To help, provide and establish cottage/village/small scale industries and other infrastructure activities/knowledge of employment opportunities and to enhance economical status of different age, sex and social background.
32 To finance artisan from its own funds and funds received from financial institutions including NABARD, DC Handicrafts and other funding organization including national and international funding organization.
33 As and when required to cope up with the untoward situation/difficulties/trouble/, aroused out of the time bound process of our journey of service to the Society
34 To do and perform all such other lawful things as are conducive of incidental to the attainment of the above objective.