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DANIELS has traced out an area near Hirakud Dam affected by leprosy among some groups by families inhabitant there in they have been provided with the required medicines are being looked after by the organization. Regular visits are conducted by the doctors, nurses, volunteers of the organization for their check up and medicines are distributed among them free of cost. And they are taught about cleanliness, health and hygiene. Also awareness is spread in the locality where people’s superstitions of them as untouchables and isolation from society is gradually changing and people are encouraged to come forward to socialize and mingle with them.


One of the most important determinants of community health and well being is the status of safe drinking water and sanitation. These facilities are critical component of what we call it as “Health Infrastructure”. It has been reflected in various researches that the safe drinking water and improved sanitation can lead to substantial reduction of instances of diseases in the country which are preventive in nature. Therefore in this tribal pocket of Gwalapara, the health care, proper hygiene and sanitation is ignored to greater extent due to various causes. So in this context the DANIELS tried its level best for proper care of health, hygiene and sanitation with the following efforts.

Health Camps : 8 nos. of health camps were conducted in this year to aware the people on family planning, cancer, celebrate malaria and aids. An attempt is being made to take up the Malaria Project of Government of Orissa, for which, our volunteers are in action through out the area of Western part of Orissa.

Mobile dispensary and the obtaining permission of Clinical certificate, became another mile stone for our organization. Awareness of Malaria, Cholera, diarrhea, pneumonia and other contagious diseases is done through print media.

Various Health screening programmes were held under the leadership of DANIELS for the students of nearby schools and children of the community in the month of March by a specialist doctor of the regional hospital in order to access the general health conditions of the children and various low cost medicines were also provided to them according to their need.

An awareness program was organized in Chandinimal on the importance of Hand washing and the necessity to focus upon it on a daily basis. Thus, through a small act of hand washing could save a number of people from being affected through various major diseases.

The children of Daniel Public School did a street play to teach the community people on the importance of Hand washing Day.


We are not only limited to working for children in our compound but taking a step further going into the heartland of misery where Govt. facilities of Municipal bodies, Block bodies are still not available. We make sure children give back to society hence we encourage & provide them with opportunities in Programs like village cleaning programs pioneered by our Honorable PM Narendra Modi like Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan.


Unintentional negligence to reproductive child health has resulted in many chances for Sexually Transmitted diseases. Hence creating a field for DANIELS with the cooperation and support of the NGO ISWAR (MNGO) Chirulei, the organization DANIELS has implemented a reproductive child health program in Telenpali of Brajrajnagar. The main aim of the program is to create awareness among the target group on health related issues like; population control measures, small family norm, safe motherhood, family life education, immunization, proper child care and to educate the community on HIV, AIDS, RTI etc. The organization has appointed health workers and program coordinator to implement the program smoothly and effectively for the greater benefit of the target communities. Which is an ongoing process in this year too. Under this program awareness about Breast feeding was also spread.