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Home Education

The area comprises of illiteracy and educationally dark hence required and needs are to streamline the situation where the people and the surrounding have no interest for education. Even majority of them are not aware of the signature.

Education occupies a significant place in every aspect of human life. So with a view to improve the human resource, the DILIGENT ACTION – GROUP FOR NEGLECTED INFIRM AND ECONOMICALLY LOW FOR ALL ROUND SALVATION (DANIELS) takes the opportunity for the same executing the following activities. We have taken a lot of initiative in continuation to our earlier works and follow up and were able to get the glimpse of hope that we have done so. In places like Gayatarinagar, Ganganagar, Telenpali Shastrinagar, Sahupara, OSAP Nepali area, Jogipali, Kainsir at Sambalpur, Khajurtikra of Bargarh, Gaibhata ,Phalsapali,Padiabahal,Gopalpali,Lapanga, M.Rampur, Darlipali,Lakhanapur, Chandinimal,Chichinda and in other places of the Western Odish and gradually extending to different parts of Odisha.

Free Education Centre

The year of 2015-16 started for DANIELS giving importance to the free education centre. Providing education for free has been a great idea by the NGO so that the majority of the people can get education who would otherwise would be spending their lives either wandering or working. A free education centre is in operation At - Lamtibahal Po – Brajrajnagar, Dist – Jharsuguda(Orissa) where poor tribal learners within the age group – 0-20 years are facilitated with free education. The numbers of students have now increased from 70 to 95. This centre, is working in a wonderful way mainstreaming the entrants for their future course of action on their own feet.

Primary Education

It is the primary education which is of utmost importance for the further and better development of the children. Thus, the members and staff of the organization have participated in various awareness programme of government like – Ninand, Community Mobilization, Admission Festival etc. for the successful implementation of Primary Education.

Vocational education

There are various measures taken by D.A.N.I.E.L.S to undertake the Vocational education so that degrees, diploma and post-diploma in various areas can be provided to the people and they can gain the advantage of being educated in the near future.

Library and Laboratory

The library that is opened At - Lamtibahal Po – Brajrajnagar, Dist – Jharsuguda (Odisha), with the financial assistance of Raja Ram Mohan Rai having more than 9 hundred available books for regular habits of study and for acquiring knowledge of the villagers. Daily news papers and some monthly magazines are also available for the villagers. Various information regarding developmental programmes of Govt. organization are also disseminated in the library hall.

More number of books were added this year because of the demand by the people. Hence, this library has been of greater importance for the people living in the area.

A small laboratory is also there along with so that the students can look at some science projects and models and learn from it which will help them gain more understanding about science and its depth.

Computer Labs

Today is the age of scientific progress and technological advancement. Hence, the DANIELS have taken a major step by opening computer labs in the areas of Bargarh and Madanpur/Rampur and Sambalpur so that many can come and know about various operations of computer which will help them to grow effectively in this modern society and thereby leading the society towards a better future.


As mentioned in our earlier annual reports, Our organization DANIELS has taken up an uphill task for the expansion of modern sophisticated education with the establishment of a member of Public Schools by the name of Daniel Public School in various parts of areas having residential facilities and well informs under the management of DANIELS. In all these Schools, special care is being taken for the down trodden land unprivileged with free education in separate shifts with our existing staff and employees.

These schools are a great source for learning to the students, where fees are very nominal for those students who belong to ST/SC/OBC. Hence providing better education for the development of All.

They are:

1. Daniel Public School
At – Shastrinager, Po- Brajrajnagar
Dist – Jharsuguda (Orissa)
As the head office.
2. Daniel Public School
At – Old Gurudwara, Main market
Po- Brajrajnagar
Dist – Jharsuguda (Orissa)
3. Daniel Public School
At – O.S.AP, Jharsuguda
Dist – Jharsuguda (Orissa)
4. Daniel Public School
At/PO – Bhudharaja
Dist – Sambalpur (Orissa)
5. Daniel Public School
(Sr. Secondary Residential)
At – Jogipali, Via- Ainthapali
Dist – Sambalpur (Orissa)
6. Daniel Public School
At – Burat , M. Rampur
Dist – Kalahandi (Orissa)
7. Daniel Public School
At – Bhojpur, Raj Khariar
Dist – Nuapada (Orissa)
8. Daniel Public School
At – Rajkhariar
Dist – Nuapada (Orissa)
9. Daniel Public School
At- Gualapada, Lamtibahal
Brajrajnagar, Dist : Jharsuguda (Orissa)
10. Daniel Public School
At – Chandinimal, Rajpur
Dist – Jharsuguda (Orissa)
11. Daniel Public School
12. Daniel Public School


A Night school functions for two hours every evening and are attended by students who work to support themselves during the day. Thus, providing an impetus for learning among those who had lost hope in this area.

With an aim to expand adult literacy DANIELS organization has made sincere efforts by setting up night schools in all the schools of Orissa regarded by DANIELS for the adults, Illiterate boys and girls also avail the opportunity to get themselves literate and educated. Thus the volunteered teacher of the organization are being involved in teaching the adults and illiterate boys and girls living in the vicinity of Daniel Public Schools set up in the different areas and the districts of Odisha.

Many people and young mass are involved in several job oriented activities that have not time to attend the day stereo type educational system and hence we have created facilities and privileges for them to come even from 8pm to 10 pm and we are providing food for them while they go back. To create inspiration we organize the digital and activities classes with action and drama skit. And we could see a great response and the candidates are increasing days by days. The same is at Brajrajnagar.


In Daniel Public School, Brajrajnagar for the benefit and facility of dropout girls and women from any school such interested women correspondence course of Secondary school has been set up by the organization as a result of which the admitted learners will be able to appear Secondary Exam of the Board so as to build of their future.


An old age home has been constructed in Brajrajnagar for that person who are neglected, uncared and removed by their children from home where they are provided with food, clothes, bed and their required necessity so as to feel homely here.

Doctors and nurse have been engaged for their regular health cheek up, medical treatment by providing required medicines. In this situation of this helpless old person the organization takes the responsibility of all expenses house of such unprivileged. We have decided to conduct such old age homes in all the places where are schools are established so as to avail doctors and volunteers easily.


Though awareness candidates for adult literacy are spotted out and are exposed to the Education by bringing down the barriers of their social status and background, gender shyness, and encourage them to be literate regardless their age. Adult literacy campaign is carried out at times in the rural areas by the organization involved with the teachers of Daniel Public Schools situated at their respective places. The adult persons, men and women are based out by the teachers, volunteers and are made to learn Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Moreover necessary books copies, pens and pencils are provided them for their educational development. In the schools under the organization night classes are held for the illiterate adults to attend on every Sunday on a weekly basis.